I can't belive is not......(sugar!)

or butter, Idon;'t remember the add right now...just kidding.

I guess it's not easy....but my head is starting to spin faster that usual so I'll go chapter by chapter.

One day Karen, one of my co-workers, mentioned that she loved our webpage and our blog. Even not been able to speak Spanish she always checked the pics, and with a litle explanation shew managed to get the whole picture of the stories we told.

Even I speak and write English every single day of my life for the last six years of my life it's hard for me to express my deepest inner feelings in a language that is not my "mother tongue", my first language.... it;s not a lack of grammar or vocabulary, but I guess that saying "piss off" does not sound as strong to me as "vete a tomar pol c**o"! kidding having to express how I feel about my day by day life doesn't sound the same, even being the same person in the same body with the same thoughs

But I wonder that till exactly this morning I was experiencing something similar to a "denial". I think that keeping busy till the latest day in the company really helped me to cheat on myself as an indulgence but guys, there's nothing worse than lying to yourself in any single aspect of your life....and I have to asume that ...That's all folks!

I hate "Good Byes". I hate them because I truly feel them....and I ALWAYS cry. I think that even it's time for us to move on, I am not looking forward right now and I just see all the people and things I am going to dawn patroling surfing sessions, my hiper activity in the lab, my bike rides....belive it or not I've really felt integrated in the SoCal life style and I don't really know how the heck I am going to deal with all my "raquelitis" back at home.

Anyway, here's my efford to tell you guys how it feels to be leaving now. Sad, confused, overwhelmed, excited, happy... all mixed up like a sweet and sour soup boiling in my mind.

San Diego will be probably now the place where I'll probably dream about meanwhile I am sitting in Asturias trying to settle down. I wanna return my visit bacl to the west coast once I have a chance.

Damm it! Say I was not gonna cry but I guess I a few housI'll switch off this computer tomorrow will be my last visit to the Pacific. I hope my beloved Encinitas let me squeeze in any of its point breaks for a few minutes . Last Pizzaport drafts will cheer us up later on, some sushi will help as well.I guess that I'd better log off and start living these last 48 hours!




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Nike Dunk Sb -

Just shows that writing via practical knowledge brings so considerably depth and relevance to kinds readers. Thank you for sharing.

Sara -

The way back home is allways long...

Mucho animo, y tómatelo con calma!

Cercata -

Solana, como llevas la vuelta del exilio. Yo vivi 7 años fuera tambien ...

Espero que lo lleves bien.

marta -

hola! q tal?
estaba buscando fotos de surf de la jolla y me he encontrado con vuestro blog, y nada, me he puesto a leerlo un buen rato!

dentro de un mes vengo a san diego, me han dado una beca para estudiar en la ucsd y hace poco q hago surf, y me staba motivando un poco, buscando olitas q fuesen aptas para mi.

nada, q os seguire leyendo!
un abrazo dsd mallorca!

Max -

Hola Amigos de Surf and Turf, sabes quisiera hacer una entrevista de ustedes para, a ver si podemos ponernos en contacto les dejo mi email:
un abrazo y buenas olas.



I felt it very strange for not seeing you all day at all. It seems like you are still here...your pictures, handwritings.....and all of us already starting to miss your hundreds of emails. Take care, and have a good rest!

THuRSty -

You'll be back there sooner than you expect!!!

Anyway, here waves are better ;) hahaha!.

Imagino que tiene que ser duro dejar un sitio donde os habiáis integrado tan bien.

iago -

bueno... pues lo único que puedo decir es que te manejas con el inglés que da gusto, vaya vocabulario! mama mía!

...pero me imagino de que va... puede que sea esos sentimientos anticipados que aún no se pueden llamar nostalgia o morriña pero que se transformarán con el tiempo en alguna de esas dos cosas.

como siempre, ánimo!

y salud!

falete -

no es facil dejar un lugar y empezar en otro, pero como ya te dije ayer esto es un punto y seguido y ademas ten x seguro q volverás a san diego, en este sentido los españoles somos un poco gallegos y siempre nos da morriña aquellos lugares q llevamos grabados en el corazon.
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